Hug Me Hold Me is a human drama with a Sci-Fi twist that centres on a lonely man and his attempt to cure his acute loneliness by building a machine to hug him.

Things haven’t been going well for this man. His life has slipped from colour into shades of grey. He suffers alone on a diet of microwave lasagne and orange squash and longs for human contact. He longs to hug and be hugged.

One evening, he has an epiphany and sets about building himself a machine that he can hug and will hug him back. He works through the night on his creation. With the Android-Hugging-Machine finally complete; he embarks on a much sought after and long-awaited embrace that could have dire consequences…

 Hug Me Hold Me is a dark and darkly humorous exploration of loneliness and one man’s unorthodox solution to curing his own acute case.